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Harold's Cheat Sheets    
Harold's Word Problems Cheat Sheet Docx My modified GUESS method for physics and word problems
Paul's Online Math Notes    
Algebra Cheat Sheet - Full
Algebra Cheat Sheet - Reduced
Trig Cheat Sheet - Full
Trig Cheat Sheet - Reduced
Algebra & Trig Review
Common Math Errors
Highly recommended
Paul's Online Math Textbooks    
Algebra Text Book
Free Algebra textbook
BarCharts QuickStudy Outlines   NOTE: Use login = "student", password = "WyzAnt2".
Prealgebra Link  
Algebra - Part 1 Link  
Algebra - Part 2 Link  
Algebraic Equations Link  
Geometry - Part 1 Link  
Geometry - Part 2 Link  
Geometric Formulas Link  
Trigonometry Link  
The Real ACT Prep Guide   Peterson's, ACT Inc., 2nd Edition (2008) - Highly recommended
10 ACT Practice Tests   McGraw-Hill, 3rd Edition (2010)
Cracking the ACT, 2011 Edition   The Princton Review, 2011 Edition (2010)
ACT   American College Testing (ACT)
ACT Test Taking Tips - Math - Content Covered by the ACT Mathematics Test
ACT Practice Tests - Math & Science - ACT Test Prep - Sample Tests
ACT Test Prep and Practice Exams - ACT Test Preparation and Lots of Exams
ACT Practice Test - Science - ACT Practice Questions - Science
ACT Sample Questions - ACT's COMPASS System Mathematics Sample Questions
ACT Practice Test - Math - ACT 20 Practice Questions - Math
ACT Practice Tests - Math, Science, English - Free, Practice ACT Exam
iPad Apps   Apple's App Store
Math Ref   Best Math, Physics, and Chemistry Formulas
Timer   Timed Test Aid
Chronology - Timer   Timed Test Aid


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