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Chemistry Link  
Chemistry - Equations & Answers Link  
Chem Lab Basics Link  
Periodic Table - Basic Link  
Periodic Table - Advanced Link  
AP   Advanced Placement (AP)
AP Practice Exams - Chemistry   College Board (2002-2013)
Schaum's Solved Problem Series    
Chemistry   Schaum's 3000 Solved Problems in Chemistry
Links   Computational Knowledge Engine
iPad Apps   Apple's App Store
The Elements: A Visual Exploration   Real 3D photos of all the elements
Chemsitry Reference   Great for chemical formulas
EleMints: Periodic Table   Periodic Table of the Elements
The Chemical Touch   Element properties, acids, and bases
iScience   Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Formulas
Math Ref   Best Math, Physics, and Chemistry Formulas



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Last updated 11 February 2014