BarCharts QuickStudy Outlines   NOTE: Use login = "student", password = "WyzAnt2".
Chess 1 Link Chess 1 Quick Reference Guide
Chess 2 Link Chess 2 Quick Reference Guide
202 Surprising Checkmates   Fred Wilson and Bruce Albertson (1998)
The Chess Calendar Link Page A Day Calendar, Workman Publishing (1999)
Chess for Children   Ages 9-12, Robert M. Snyder, Gambit Publications (2004)
Chess for Juniors: A Complete Guide for the Beginner   Ages 9-12, Robert M. Snyder, Gambit Publications (1991)
Learn How to Play Chess: Rules & Basic Strategies   Chess 101
Chess Wizard - Beginner   Beginner Chess Puzzles
Chess Wizard - Intermediate   Intermediate Chess Puzzles
Chess Wizard - Advanced   Advanced Chess Puzzles   All things chess
Chess Game Strategies - Mate In One   Chess Puzzles - Mate in One
Chess Game Strategies - Mate In Two   Chess Puzzles - Mate in Two
iPad Apps   Apple's App Store
Chess With Friends   Play chess with your friends wirelessly on your own time
t Chess Pro Link Get suggested moves from a chess master
Learn Chess   Free Chess 101 Manual
Chess Problems   Real Professional tournament 2 and 3 move checkmate puzzles
WarChess   Battle Chess. Animated kills. Kids love this.
KHET 2X   Khet or Laser Chess


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Last updated 15 March 2012