Advanced Math / Proofs

Harold's Cheat Sheets    
Harold's Logic and Sets Cheat Sheet Docx The 7 basic logical symbols, laws, rules, set notation, logic statements, and mapping between them (SNHU MAT 299)
Harold's Proofs Cheat Sheet Docx Techniques to solve mathematical proofs (SNHU MAT 299)
Harold's Real Analysis Cheat Sheet Docx All Theorems and Definitions Ch 1-6, Real Numbers and Real Analysis (SNHU MAT 470)
How To Prove It - A Structured Approach, 3rd Edition, Daniel J. Vellman GitHub SNHU MAT 299 - Mathematical Proof and Problem Solving
Contemporary Abstract Algebra, 9th Edition, Joseph A. Gallian   SNHU MAT 415 - Abstract Algebra
The Real Numbers and Real Analysis, 2011, Ethan D. Bloch Errata SNHU MAT 470 - Real Numbers and Real Analysis
Number Sets   Beautiful poster of the number sets. See the PDF at the bottom of the page.



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Last updated 19 December 2021