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Marc Segar 1974-1997


A Survival Guide for People with Asperger Syndrome

Looking on the Bright Side

  • Many things are easier for intelligent autistic people than they are for non-autistic people.
  • Autistic people can be especially good at learning facts, skills and talents when (A) they want to and (B) when the right sources are available to them. This can provide good career prospects and is sometimes enough to compensate for any disabilities.
  • Useful gifts that autistic people might have include photographic memories, musical talent, heightened awareness of visual logic and extra-ordinary potential for computer programming.
  • To show consistent punctuality in the workplace and to produce meticulously accurate, high standard work, always meeting deadlines may earn you extra respect from your manager or supervisor.
  • Some people say that honesty is not always the best policy but if you can recreate the truth accurately to the right people and yet be able to withhold the truth when confidentiality is needed, your unsurpassable honesty might earn you great respect.
  • If you are generally a quiet person who often only speaks when it is worth while, this can sometimes be very welcome in the workplace.
  • Having not been bound all your life by the unwritten rules of society may have made you a highly original thinker.
  • In many situations where non-autistic people might be provoked or feel intimidated, autistic people can be unaffected and keep a clear head. You might be completely detached and immune to tense atmospheres and bad vibes which other people have to suffer. The problem with this, however, will be that you are also immune to danger signals but this book might help you to recognise them.
  • If you wish, you might be able to get formal allowances and benefits to help you out in life. Try not to see it as cheating. If you have had a hard enough life, then perhaps you deserve this special consideration. Also, this might come in handy if ever you need to present yourself in a court of law in which case it may be a good idea to get the backing of a good psychologist who understands the problem.
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