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Marc Segar 1974-1997


A Survival Guide for People with Asperger Syndrome


  • You might have teachers who are holding you back by thinking you are not intelligent enough to take your exams. If you know inside that you are, then this can be extremely frustrating. Try to get the help of a teacher who you seem to get on well with.
  • If you are being held back because you are not doing all that well at your English exam then it might be because you write about situations which are strange and not realistic, in which case having read this book might help you. Remember, this subject is more about feelings than it is about words.
  • Listen to any advice or instructions offered to you by your teachers even if at first it sounds unimportant to you.
  • When people explain things to you which sound interesting, or you are in a lesson, it is important to look interested, otherwise people could easily assume that you are bored.
  • Pay close attention to your school reports because they are often chock-a-block with constructive criticisms.
  • One of the problems you are likely to face in classes or in lectures is concentration. No-one is able to concentrate 100% for a whole hour but to take short-hand notes which you will be able to look back on is normally to be expected.

  • If a lecturer or teacher asks a question and no-one puts their hand up, it is often because no-one wants to stand out, NOT because no-one knows the answer.
  • It is sometimes slightly difficult to distinguish between the information you do and don't need to commit to memory.
  • If you try to show lots of obscure academic knowledge to get public recognition, then you might be going the wrong way about it, however intelligent the people you are talking with are.
  • Remember that most people exaggerate about how little work they do.
  • Try not to compare yourself too much with other people.
  • You might get especially worried about your exams but remember that you can still live a happy and fulfilling life even without any qualifications at all, and many people have to.
  • You might find maths, science and foreign languages easier than things like English and history, contrary to what most people find easier.
  • Remember that there are set rules and conventions about academic method and presentation. To conform to these guide-lines and closely follow a syllabus can be very significant to your final grades.
  • One symptom of autism is that you may feel unsettled if your daily or weekly routine is disrupted. You might be able to structure your time so that you have time for working in and time for other things like watching TV, films, listening to music or going out. If someone invites you to go out, try not to worry too much about your work, try to be flexible. You will have plenty more time for work.
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