Discrete Math

Harold's Cheat Sheets    
Harold's Logic and Sets Cheat Sheet Docx The 7 basic logical symbols, laws, rules, set notation, logic statements, and mapping between them (SNHU MAT299)
Harold's Boolean Algebra Cheat Sheet Docx Boolean algebra, logic gates, truth tables
Harold's Flip-Flop Cheat Sheet Docx S-R, D, J-K, and T Flip-Flops
Harold's Modular Arithmetic Cheat Sheet Docx Modular arithmetic: b = a (mod m) (SNHU MAT260)
Harold's Cryptology Cheat Sheet Docx Encryption 101: Encode, decode, primes (SNHU MAT260)
Schaum's Solved Problem Series    
Discrete Mathematics   Schaum's 2000 Solved Problems in Discrete Mathematics
Digital Fundamentals, Global 11th Edition, Thomas L Floyd   Electrical Engineering Digital Logic Text Book, Thomas L. Floyd, Global 11th Edition, 2015 (PDF)
Discrete Mathematics with Applications, 5th Edition, Susanna S. Epp   Discrete Mathematics with Applications, Susanna S. Epp, 5th Edition, 2019 (PDF)
Number Sets   Beautiful poster of the number sets. See the PDF at the bottom of the page.
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Math Ref   Best Math, Physics, and Chemistry Formulas

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Last updated 8 July 2022