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This Web page contains reference materials for my Wyzant students. Everyone else is welcome to use it.

My Background

My name is Harold and I have tutored over 1,000 students in math, science and engineering (STEM) over the past 30+ years. I have logged over 3,000 tutoring hours on Wyzant. I worked in the BYU Math Lab to pay my way through college where I earned a Master of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in mathematics. I am currently attending online college working towards my Ph.D. in Mathematics. I have even published a book and software package used by several universities on numerical analysis using the C programming language.

I tutor all levels of math, from basic math through calculus 3, differential equations, linear algebra, and beyond. Calculus, Physics, and Precalculus are my specialties. I also do a lot of tutoring for Electrical Engineering digital logic, C programming, ACT and SAT math. My students' best SAT math score to date is 730 out of 800.

I love teaching students that really want to learn and have set a goal, but are either behind or are not connecting with their teachers. Math can be easy and fun when you understand the key concepts and basic building blocks. My teaching style is to ask my students focused questions that cause them to think, then determine the correct answers for themselves. I then like to show multiple ways to solve the same problem and how to verify the answer as being correct. This is the difference between a 'B' student and an 'A' student. I also believe in teaching how the covered math concepts apply to our everyday lives.

In addition to STEM (math, science, and electrical engineering), I also tutor C/C++, Java, Python, and chess.

I am setup for remote tutoring using the Wyzant Online Tutoring Tool and Zoom. I work with Wyzant as a part-time independent contractor to find new students to teach.

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Tutoring Resources by Subject

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High School Math
College Math
Test Prep
•  Basic Math •  Calculus •  Physics •  Computer Programming •  AP •  English
•  Prealgebra •  Multivariable Calculus •  Chemistry •  C/C++ •  SAT Math •  Chess
•  Algebra 1 •  Differential Equations •  Biology •  Java •  ACT Math  
•  Algebra 2 •  Linear Algebra •  Physical Science •  Python •  PSAT  
•  Geometry •  Discrete Math •  Statistics •  Computer Networking •  TAKS / STAAR  
•  Trigonometry •  Numerical Analysis   •  MS Windows •  ASVAB  
•  Precalculus •  Complex Variables   •  MS Office •  GRE Math  
•  Business Math •  Advanced Math / Proofs     •  TSI Math  

Tutoring Resources by Source

Click on a collection below to access tutoring resources from that source or collection.

Collection Name Description
Harold's Cheat Sheets Free: Original material I created for my students
Paul's Online Math Notes Free: Professor Paul Dawkin's math notes
BarCharts QuickStudy Outlines For purchase: BarCharts' "cheat sheets"
Books Recommended books that I personally own and use
Links Links to web pages with helpful tutoring material
iPad Apps iPad and iPhone apps that I use

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